10987668_10153038759280699_3756131703121283843_nBeing a lover of games and metaphors, I can’t help but imagine life as a jigsaw puzzle. When we reach the end of our time here on Earth, we will have created a beautiful picture made up of the tiny pieces from our daily lives. Each moment and milestone of our lives is another piece being added to our final picture. The more moments and milestones we gather during our time here, the bigger and bolder the picture we leave behind.

My pieces are just starting to take shape. I have a few milestones accomplished and hundreds more to pursue. I have created beautiful moments with the people I love. But the puzzle of my life is really just beginning…

I am using my blog to share the stories and moments that make up my life. I am doing it for me, but I am also doing it for you, the reader. I hope you can find the connections between our puzzle pieces. I hope I can encourage you to push forward on the tough days. I hope I can make you laugh on the rough ones. I hope I can inspire you, or at the very least entertain you.

-Rachel 🙂

“…and then I fell apart. and it was the most beautiful moment ever. because right then, I realized that I could put the pieces back together the way I wanted them to be.”