If you know me, you know about my major problem with procrastination. There’s that saying… “If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” It’s basically my life motto.

Based on this struggle, I have never been great at keeping those New Year’s resolutions. “Get in shape and lose 10 pounds.” “Read more books, watch less TV.” “Limit the amount of time on my phone.” You get the idea… but rather than work on those things a little bit each day, I tend to tell myself “tomorrow” or “I’ll start that on Monday.” Then, I never do. The final few days of December would consist of me doing push-ups, eating carrots, reading a book, and only checking Facebook 67 times each day if I were to pursue these types of resolutions.

So, last year, I decided to pick just one word that would be my focus for 2015. I chose “fearless” [insert Taylor Swift joke here] as I faced many big decisions and life changing moments. I made decisions that altered the course of my undergraduate studies, I then graduated with my Bachelor’s, and I started working in the real world. It was a big year and fearless seemed to be an appropriate choice.

As I thought about what moments may await me in 2016, my focus word kept popping into my mind: intention.


  • I want to be intentional with my choices. When job searching, I don’t want to simply select the one with the best hours and highest wages… I want to intentionally choose the one that will grow me towards the future I envision. When contemplating graduate school, I want to intentionally select the school and program that will best meet my needs and goals.
  • I want to be intentional with my relationships. I want to surround myself with people who make me laugh, who challenge me to be a better person, and who show up and invest in our relationship. In the past, I have settled for friendships out of comfort and familiarity. I want to be intentional with who I choose to be around and who I let go.
  • I want to be intentional with the daily decisions that create my lifestyle. I am a creature of habit and routine. I want to break those chains in 2016, and, by doing so, I will be able to participate fully wherever I am and in whatever I am doing. I will choose what habits can stay, and I will be intentional with what habits I want to create. 79aaa4ee7a156bc4caa29809f35441d0

So, yes, those “small” resolutions (living a healthier lifestyle, limiting TV and phone time, growing in my relationship with God, etc.) will fall under my one word. But rather than being weighed down with a list of resolutions to accomplish by a certain date, I will remind myself daily of my focus: intention. Are my choices, relationships, and daily decisions growing me towards the future I want to live?

What will be your one word for 2016?